Bridges which aren't on any Way?

My local golf course has several bridges across a stream which runs across it. There are no footpaths, the bridges just connect one side of the course to the other. I created short ways, and tagged as bridges, but KeepRight sees them as ‘floating’ ways, not connected to the map. Not the end of the world, but is there an elegant way around this?


Maybe you could use man_made=bridge.

KeepRight is “right” that this way is not connected to the rest of the map but this is “right” because there is no dedicated way leading to/from that bridge. I ignore these errors. Perhaps yoou can suggest to the maker of KeepRight to exclude “floating ways” which are inside of a “pedestrian like” area (like a golf course or a park).

KeepRight and other QA tools only highlight things that could be problems. If you’re confident that something is mapped correctly, you can just ignore what the tool says. In this case, I’d just ignore it, because the bridges are correctly disconnected from the rest of the world.