Break Map Features page up into multiple pages?

During talks about the status of low-usage tags Wiki Status of tags: proposed or in-use (for low-usage ATYL)? - #12 by Minh_Nguyen , mention was made that the main Map Features page Map features - OpenStreetMap Wiki is getting very crowded, unwieldy & “has already pushed past various MediaWiki limitations as it is”.

So, as I wondered there, how about breaking that page up?

Instead of one massive page full of tables (that, at least on my laptop, sometimes takes forever to load :roll_eyes:), split each of the sub-features i.e. aerialway, aeroway, amenity etc, off to their own individual page: “Aerialway Map Features”, which has the current aerialway template table on it, possibly expanded to include features that “won’t fit” on the main Features page?

Each of those pages would then either link to & from the existing category pages e.g. Category:Aerialways - OpenStreetMap Wiki, or it could all possibly even be included on the same page?

“Map Features” itself would then only be a page of links to all of the separate individual Features pages.

Thoughts? :thinking:


I like the bigger one-page-layout better, because it allows to issue a full text search on a single page.

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Way overdue. There is a lot of repetition on that mega-page. Contributors diligently edit more focussed wiki pages, but there is quite a large chance of relevant changes not being done on the Map Features page as well. Even more so for translated pages. Just link to the relevant pages (like Emergency facilities and amenities) instead.

I like to have one Map Features page for quick lookups. At the same time, I like the basics plus more details and considerations when focussing on a specific theme.

If only there was a method to dynamically extract Map Features from the specific pages onto a Map Features page, so that editing the Map Features page would no longer be necessary…

Wait, isn’t that already the case?

Or were you being sarcastic? (If so, sorry, that didn’t come across.)

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