BOXIE24 pois quality

Hello German community,

Recently it has come to my attention that there is a storage company adding pois to Germany and the Netherlands.

These poi’s where extremely low quality, missing branch, and brand tags.

The pois where in the wrong place and did not use the existing address node. And they had descriptive names like:

“BOXIE24 Lagerraum München-Maxvorstadt | Self Storage”

I have fixed this for the Netherlands.

Is there someone with more community knowledge who is willing to fix these pois in Germany as well, so that they are consistent?

See: overpass turbo



Och, da habe ich schon schlechteres Tagging gesehen. :wink:

Was müsste man statt payment:sofort nehmen ?

I don’t know how far off the positions were, but generally the Pois where in the wrong place should be fixed. “Missing” tags like “branch” and “brand” are not an issue (in the sense that these are nice to have, but not having them doesn’t make the representation “wrong”, just not as detailed as they could be).

Were talking about pois in the middle of intersections:

Thanks for the hint.
I just was bored and checked the location and address entries. Only one entry was a badly set, a few had unusual addresses.
Feel free to add more details.

Looking at a random example, I would also expect the landuse to change to commercial in a case like this:
(I could imagine some other mappers would not agree)

Just because the farmer has rented out one of his buildings does not mean that we have to add an extra landuse for it. After all, we don’t use an extra landuse=residential building for the farmer’s house or a landuse=retail for direct farm sales.

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If it is significant, I would do it.

I believe “farmyard” is a sub-kind of residential landuse, mixed with agricultural production, and “retail” for just a small farm shop could be seen as included in farmyard as well, but if it was more like a supermarket sized retail outlet, I would actually tag this separately as landuse=retail.

On the other hand, renting out buildings for storage does seem like a completely different kind of farming-unrelated commercial activity, hence the suggestion to assign its own landuse.

payment:cash vllt ?
Eventuell ist aber auch eine Sofortüberweisung gemeint.
payment:sofortüberweisung ist 35 mal in usage.

I would not expect a new mapper to change the landuse if the goal is to add all locations of a given company.

For each location in the Netherlands i have:

  • Merged the poi node with the address node
  • Changed the name to “BOXIE24”
  • Add the branch location as branch=*
  • Add brand and brand:website

And in this process the address should be checked.

The question is if and what parts of these changes you want to apply to the pois in Germany?

I would be wary of mimicking corporate typography - meaning I’d probably write “Boxie24” and not “BOXIE24” since the latter is just an invitation for everyone and their dog to style themselves in capital letters JUST SO THEY GET MORE ATTENTION :wink:

Edit: gilt natürlich auch für “BOXIE24 Lagerraum Münster-Süd | Self Storage” - das Name-Tag ist nicht dafür da, Dienstleistungen in verschiedenen Sprachen zu annoncieren. “Hey, wo hast Du denn Deine Möbel zwischengelagert?” - “Bei BOXIE24 Lagerraum Münster-Süd | Self Storage natürlich!” … das käme nicht mal in einem Werbefilm des Anbieters so vor :wink:


Thanks, I will fix it.
I also pointed Boxie to this thread, so maybe they have some comments from their side.