Boundary MARKER better word for boundary (mile)stone

The word Boundary marker is ‘all-encompassing’ , because a boundary_stone is a boundary_marker, but not all boundary_markers are IN STONE ;

Also a visible icon-tag in OSM should be nice :wink:

This what you should propose here - if you mean default map on OSM website:

and the rest of your comments should be most probably written here:

I have once made a ‘propose’ on that gravitystorm , and it was ‘rejected’ , so, i am not going to try there anything anymore →
If somebody else would, fine for me … :wink:

I really agree to both making it a boundary=marker and material=stone.
There are many historic=border_stone’s that are neither stone nor historic (in the sense of “a historical relic”)

I also really agree to adding boundary markers to any boundary relations.
If a boundary marker is a node on a boundary, then it’s easy to infer what boundaries the marker is a member of.
Yet many boundary markers are not on exact the boundary per se but close, e.g. on both sides of a stream, where the actual boundary is through the middle.

+1 exactly :wink:i made a proposal on tagging list, but there is no response (yet) :roll_eyes: