boundary=administrative in Denmark

Dear friends,
I see, many cities in Denmark have no boundary=administrative with admin_level=8.

What is the reason for?

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Danish mappers are not looking here. Please use talk-dk mailing list if you want to contact the Danish OSM community.



As Opani said, most danish mappers rarely if ever visit the forums.

All danish addresses have been imported from official data and every single address node in Denmark includes its post code, so admin_level=8 isn’t actually needed.

At one point a foreign user (Win32netsky) decided to add admin_level=8 boundaries in Denmark starting in northern Jutland. Unfortunately the danish community were rather slow to stop him, so he got to fool around with a lot of existing admin_level 4 & 7 boundaries apparently thinking he was competent to do so. We’re still in the process of cleaning up the mess he left behind and we will now much prefer that no foreigners touch our boundaries.

I have personally deleted a lot of the admin_level=8 boundaries he created

Thank you

wow that’s not good… Opani - how does one get on the maillist?

Very good question. You can find a link to our mailing-list (and other stuff) here.