Boundaries Issue

Hello all!
I’m mapping a few streets and working in the north piece of Srilanka.
Presently I run into a territory was limits between the farmlands are obviously unmistakable and I might want to include them.
In any case, what tag would it be a good idea for me to utilize? It’s a blend of trees, bushes man-made fence.
I’m wavering to utilize =hedge or =fence.
Someone any thought?
SK Zai

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Some initial personal thoughts.

If there’s vegetation growing because there’s a fence there use fence, if conversely there used to be a hedge and now it has become too thin to stop animals getting through use hedge. If the vegetation surrounds the fence on both sides I’d probably use hedge. If the vegetation is predominantly on one side then two close parallel lines for a fence & a hedge can be used.

There are probably other ways involving a single line & secondary tags, but all the above are useful as first approximations.