Booths at the entrance to a park

What tags to use for an entrance to a park, where you have to stop and pay an entrance fee, but there is not an actual gate? For example:

Please create a new post. As you worded, they are different.
Conceptually it is closer to a =toll_booth for a fee=yes rather than toll=yes. shop=ticket is where it is sold and paid separately.

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My English is poor, so I don’t know if I’m understanding it properly.

In OSM wiki’s ‘barrier=toll_booth’ section, ‘Disambiguation’ says ‘As the charge needs to be in relation to using the road, the tag should not be used for places collecting parking or admission fees’.
Since ‘toll’ is a place that receives a fee for using the road, shouldn’t ‘amenity=ticket_booth’ be used for admission and facility usage fees?

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At many places, eg theme parks, tickets are sold at a separate counter, not at the “gate”. “Ticket booth” mixes up the booth for selling tickets before the entrance, and checking tickets at the entrance. Of course they can be the same sometimes, but here especially for national parks they may not have a “ticket”. You only pass your money (or card?) to them.

Ok took a look at your examples. They are national parks.

  1. Already has =toll_booth and toll=yes
  2. A suspicious case of name=Booth
  3. Already has =toll_booth and toll=yes, but also fee=yes (a natural question)
    Although there is the confusion between fee=yes and toll=yes in other facilities, 1 and 3 feel clearer. Since you are charged to pass through the national park’s roads for hiking or driving, it leans itself more readily to toll=yes and =toll_booth.
    Problem is at 2. These may not have an amenity=ticket_validator, or amenity=vending_machine + vending=parking_tickets. It’s not clear whether =toll_booth should be used for carparks, although another possible perspective for this case is to treat it as a implicitly paid carpark inside a toll road.
    A side note is Trapps Hamlet Path needs to be connected to the road, not ending at the =parking.

What are you referring to that already has these?

OK, I fixed that, at least. Can you explain what you mean by the other points?

Sorry, forgot about this. The roads already have toll=yes, and there are barrier=toll_booth on them. This looks good enough already.

Oh, you meant the roads were already tagged. We need to tag the buildings with something, too, though. StreetComplete was asking “What kind of building is this?” (though it’s not now, maybe they updated something).

Oh, one still says it:

These larger ones could be building=kiosk. You can’t enter them.

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