A number of residential roads I’ve been mapping have bollards across the road at one end to prevent the road being a throughway for vehicles, but allowing pedestrians through.

I’ve been marking this as a short stretch of ‘pedestrian’ way , however this does not render very well (it looks as though the road is continuous unless the zoom is very high, or the length of pedestrian way has to be mapped as being a lot longer than it is.)

any suggestions appreciated


Yeah very common in London. I was mentioning bollards in this discussion. I am also unsure about this.

Proposed features/barriers offers one idea. Tag with “barrier=bollard,bicycle=yes,foot=yes” on a node.

However… that is only a proposal. There’s no renderer support currently, and untill there is, maps will show a normal road connection (highly misleading) if people actually use this tag. And I imagine any early attempts at building routing applications will also not pick up on these nodes, and so will try to route cars through the bollards!

Until that proposal gets clearly accepted and supported by renderers (somehow, although I’m not sure the proposed icons will work particularly well) I think I will carry on doing what I am doing, which is to mark a short section of highway=footway, bicycle=yes, note=bollards. That way renderings and routings will work, and people can go back and use a barrier tag later anyway. I usually make the section fairly long (a few metres) such that it does show up in renderings at least out to zoom level 16

Thanks for that.


I’ve been tagging things with short stretches of ‘highway=pedestrian’. I’m not too concerned with the rendering right now. The map renders can always be changed later, it’s better to have proper data in the map.