Boat Rent Station + Small Boats Quay

Tried to look over forum and lists, but did not find anything usefull. How to map boat rent station? It’s basically not just the quay, but the place where you can rent a boat. I suppose that we need to have a special sign for it, e.g. in tourism section. Also, would it be ok if the quay itself will be marked by pier tag or there is something more suitable for tagging small boat berth points? Thanks.

I don’t know of any tags for that can you find anything for car rentals/bike rentals? Then modelling after that would probably be fine…

And yes I would tag it as a marina, and as long as the berth points are available to the public I think they should be tagged as such. Which reminds my I should do this in Stockholm… Have you found any thing suitable?

waterway=boat_berth_point, would be my guess… :wink:

Well, since I do not want to introduce new tags without actual need for it, I would suggest to mark this as:


as for amenity, it’s clear that we need separate tag formed the same way as car_rental, bicycle_rental.

As for leisure=marina I am not completely sure, in map features it’s described as “for mooring leisure yachts and motor boats” and the term itself means the parking for yachts, maybe another tag should be created like leisure=boat_berth. For now I am thinking about using leisure=marina.

If any new suggestions, I am looking for them. Anyway none of those tags are rendered now.

First don’t be afraid to create new tags, the reason we have free form tags is that no single person can ever classify all tags that are needed to map the world. So we need you to find the tags that you need.

I think you have to invent your own classifications, just use note=“” and write something about what you just tagged, this will hopefully help others understand what you mean.

I used the tagwatch page (2MB HTML) to find all moor tags and found: waterway=mooring… You can load that in JOSM to see where you have these things in the world.

Tagwatch has an insane amount of pages that are pretty useless since they really aren’t described anywhere e.g. waterways:

I hope you work it out.

I’ve used the amenity=boat_rental personally as well as

  • waterway=mooring a stretch of waterbank where boats can moore (e.g. mooring poles are present)
  • waterway=jetty a man made structure (e.g. wooden deck on wooden poles) where boats can more.

The latter even renders [1] [2].

Also, have you seen Marine mapping?

Bam… “Ah! yet another reef added to the map!”…

Only if you manage to bring your GPS in working order to shore :smiley: