blocks on map

does anyone know what is happening to the map? If you check out north america at any zoom level with mapnik there are blocks that appear as water that are not water. An example is Cincinnati Ohio, it appears as a large blue block.

OSM renderer is worse. You can’t see it at wider zoom levels, but almost all of New England and New York state are completely white and missing all of their data.

Anyone know what is going on?

Most likely a problem with the coastline…

The coastline can be checked here:

The Mapnik coastline is updated every now and then (maybe every few weeks) so it might take awhile before the problems are gone…


I found the same error and for me it disappeared when I switched off Maplint. Seems now default when you go to the Mapnik Map.

No, this is when you use old permalinks. They canged the meaning of the layer-parameter in the URL. So old permalinks now enable the maplint-layer. Remove the “…&layer=xxxxxxx”-part from the URL or create a new permalink.