Blocked public rights of way

Apologies for posting in general, we don’t have a UK specific community (other than a mailing list and I didn’t want to spam that).

Thought some may find this BBC News article about the sheer number of blocked public rights of way in England and Wales interesting (or depressing!): Public rights of way blocked in 32,000 places - BBC News

At least 32,000 instances of blocked PRoWs (and they’re just the reported ones from local authorities that responded to the BBC.)

I wondered how common it was for OSM mappers to find blocked paths and their approaches to dealing with them? Are your local authorities responsive to reports of problems?

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Actually, someone else has now posted on talk-gb.

I wouldn’t consider sending this to the mailing list spamming. In fact it’s where its more likely to be seen by UK mappers.

I had seen that post before I found this.

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We have this, and other kinds of related issues, in France as well. Including an increase in requests for removal of ways from OSM, from land owners who choose to break their contracts with route operators. The Trails Working Group in the US apparently was created to define standard approaches to these situations.

(I know I’m a bit off topic here, but I thought it might be useful to know that this kind of situation may have an impact on tagging)