Block changes made in MAPS.ME

Could you please block changes made in MAPS.ME. This application use people which have no clue what is OSM.
Or allow changes made by users which have at least 100 commits.

You can add specific improvement suggestions to the devolpers at

There’s clearly a problem (as I’ve tried to raise via and previous issues) but MAPS.ME is far from the worst mobile editor out there.

The problems with MAPS.ME users are often simply “user didn’t know they were updating OpenStreetMap, or even what OpenStreetMap is”. I’d suggest contacting problematical MAPS.ME users directly and explaining that they’re updating a global geographical database (since they may not be aware) and explaining how to add a local bookmark using MAPS.ME instead. If you can do this in a language that they’re familiar with (e.g. via an online translation service), even better. If communication doesn’t occur then send an email to the Data Working Group on and we can send them a message that they have to read before they continue editing.

Also, just in case anyone reading this is not aware, you can use to investigate and revert problematical MAPS.ME edits.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re trying to reach OSM’s administrators, then the “Editors” forum probably isn’t the best place. Where there isn’t a specific technical problem (such as adding all new data in the wrong place) there’d need to be community consensus about blocking a particular editor, and although MAPS.ME edits have been very controversial there have been arguments on both sides (which is part of the wider problem of “how do you get new editors up to speed”).


Andy (member of the DWG)