BLM Boundaries

Is anyone working on importing BLM boundaries? Either nationally or locally? In my area there don’t seem to be any BLM boundaries, but there are forest service boundaries.

How to tag BLM boundaries?

Based on my reading of the osm guidelines, this is what I’ve come up with
type = boundary
boundary= protected_area
operator = BLM
ownership = national
name = * Field Office [example Moab Field Office]

The only BLM boundaries that I’ve found are in Montana (6 yrs ago), tagged with
boundary= protected_area
name= BLM
operator= US Bureau of Land Management
ownership = national
protect_class = 27
sometimes type=multipolygon

and I’ve found some USFS boundaries with only these tags:
“attribution”=“US Forest Service”
“operator”=“United States Forest Service”

My rationale for something a little different than the montana tags are:
The field office is in the shapefile attributes and it is valuable info so I think we should keep it. The most relevant tag seems to be name.
For the operator, US is redundant since it’s national, and BLM is a well known acronym.
protect_class is cryptic, and doesn’t seem important

What do you think?

protect_class is cryptic, but so far rendering is contingent on it.

The scheme you propose looks reasonable, and it anyway is not so hard to make some adjustments later.