Blank checkboxes in user options (display)


I was looking for an option which allows to change the order of the posts such that new posts appear first in the list (as in the “post reply” mode). Unfortunately it doesn´t seem to be possible.

While doing that I again doscovered the 3 blank checkboxes on the “Display” sheet which are coded as follows:

name="form[anpoop_moder_ip]" checked

Does anyone know what they are good for? Unfortunately someone has forgotten to type their caption texts - at least in the German version.

Best regards,

Edit: Typo

ANPOOP is an module for punBB, the name is an acronym short for “All post on the same page”. I don’t know what the options does though…

Hm. Maybe I should toggle around the box values a bit and see what happens :wink:

Heh, never seen those 3 checkboxes without description before…