black and white building

Is there any way to draw a black and white building? Which is neither black nor white, it’s black and white.


Yes, it is possible, but it is very difficult and very time-consuming. Here is an example of a building I created in 3D. Please feel free to inspect the edits, but please don’t change anything :wink:

If you want to see the building in the best light, you need to go to “graphic options” and select, “noon”

@chachafish: The high example building, you created in Houston Texas has one too thick white line (the tenth counting from the floor). The height walue of way should be 35.3 instead of 35.8, the it’s looking fine.

@maro21: for your example image, I would create a dark building a llittle smaller in width than needed to have space for the white parts attached to the walls where needed.