BingSat Misaligned in Tel Aviv?

Recently I’ve been on a question to map the most interesting 3D buildings in the Tel Aviv metro area (you can look at the Opera Tower or the Petah Tikva city center for examples), and while doing this noticed that about half of central Tel Aviv had random blobs instead of buildings, and other problems like address node duplications, etc.

Been trying to correct this ever since, but it might be a bad idea to trace BingSat because the map appears to be misaligned (JOSM also says this). I have no idea how to align it, or even how to check if this is certainly true. Please advise.

The classical alignment method is aligning it to GPX tracks. Are there any problems with that?

Here are the instructions for iD, the editor you apparently use.

Enable GPS traces:

Right side buttons > Background settings > OpenStreetMap GPS traces

Align Aerial:

Right side buttons > Background settings > Adjust Imagery Offset


Thanks, I just tried this, and ran into a problem: The GPS traces are basically all over the place, when we’re talking about adjusting the imagery by a few meters, it becomes very difficult to pinpoint the correct orientation. I think someone here did this multiple times, so if anyone has experience with it, can you take care of it? (talking about Tel Aviv).