Bing Map Sat Images have incorrect position


[This affects the eastern Turks and Caicos, especially Salt Cay]

Salt Cay Coordinates: 21.3293° N, 71.2072° W


The Bing Map Sat Maps at high-zoom levels are in the incorrect position.

If you place the map editor over Salt Cay, and zoom in, once it switches to a higher-res image, the whole image shifts down (south).

All of the roads and other entities placed on the map are incorrect. They are all shifted down south 100-300 feet.

For easy check, simply search for this road junction coordinate in Bing and Google:


How can this be fixed?


All imagery has errors. And the OSM editor have tools to align the imagery. So using GPS tracks for that area use the editor’s tool to make the alignment. Note that the errors differ in direction and magnitude over relative short distances, so just because you’ve aligned the imagery in one location it does not mean that it is aligned in another.

If there are no GPS tracks in the area to align to, then the best option is to go out with a GPS unit and create some. If that is not possible, then align the imagery to match as much of the currently mapped detail as possible so your new stuff will have the same offset/error as everything else.

OK, I’ll look into aligning the imagery. Thank you for the help.


I’ve looked throughout the docs and the editor interface, but I can’t seem to find out how to re-position an entire island. I’ve found out how to re-position the imagery, but the land and roads have already been drawn.

How is this done?


You can use editors like JOSM and then drag and drop.

See this wiki article for more information:

Thanks! I’m downloading the Java app.