Bing images coordinate accuracy

Hi everyone,

I am using Bing overlay images to draw buildings in our large university. Someone has previously done some of the buildings but almost all of them are a tad displaced (in comparison to Bing images).

Should I adjust them with Bing images? Or it is possible that Bing images are displaced themselves? In general how reliable are the images?


To make a generalization, Bing image placement accuracy is usually better than the previous images. The most accurate way would be to check the accuracy of Bing image alignment by taking averaged waypoints of some landmarks over several days, then aligning the Bing images to those waypoints. But the next person won’t have access to your survey work and may well just make the next building adjustment to the default Bing image.

As a practical matter, I just re-align my own images to the current Bing image without any special checking, being aware that it will change periodically as Bing updates.

Hello again,

Two weeks a go I added large number of buildings, roads , POIs etc. inside and nearby university. Now just after 2 weeks, the bing images have changed and a huge gap is seen between bing images and the things I have put on the map.

See the image:

I am seriously disappointing and I think I’d rather give up using Bing maps. The whole work has become useless. I checked the images have been updated and it seems the images are taken with a high angle (instead of top view) . What we should do in the case of such huge changes again?

Try loading GPS traces as well as OSM data. This should allow you to align the image.