Bing imagery quality is poor in the Jordan Valley

I’ve just noticed that there is a pretty large chunk of the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea (from a ways north of Jericho, down to the southern end of the Dead Sea) where Bing doesn’t seem to have high-quality imagery - when you zoom in the picture does not update to a high resolution, but just zooms in further on the higher-level picture. Anybody know of another decent-quality satellite picture of this area that can be used in JOSM?

As far as I know, there is no legal alternative to Bing. Bing has provided OSM with permissions to use its satellite images for its map, while all other sources have kept their copyrights.

The resolution of Mapbox Satellite, a new **legal **imagery source which is already incorporated into JOSM, is considerably better than Bing’s in that area.
My version of JOSM is 7182.

Thanks, I’m trying my luck with Mapbox! I find its quality is worse than Bing’s, but obviously in the area I’m looking at, it’s much better. I’m looking for fairly hard-to-spot things like jeep tracks, though, so I’ll see how much luck I have!

You may increase your luck by looking at the GPS traces.

As long as these trails are ridden by MTBs, the Strava database is even richer (and free to use).
Is there an equivalent DB for 4WD vehicles?