Bing imagery offset?

I was doing some mapping with railwaylines from Bing imagery and I noticed that most lines were quite a bit off from the aerial imagery. Looking at the history a lot were mapped from Bing and 6-7 years ago.
But not only railwaylines don’t match up, also streets are usually not aligned with the imagery.

Is there any indication what is correct? Has this been mapped with older imagery that was not correct and is the current imagery correct? Adding railwaylines from aerials is challenging already, but when the imagery does not match it gets very difficult.

The indicator is matching (road) objects to GPS tacks

I did my own tests with GPX tracks, and I found out that the Bing Imagery tends to be more accurate than the already-mapped streets. The imagery is fine, the old lines really are offset.

I think. I’m usually mapping buildings off of Bing, but I’d be grateful if someone else could confirm it.