Bing imagery - JOSM vs internal editors

Just realised Bing has added latest hi-res coverage, bit by bit. Well, not much really. I usually depended much on Mapbox’s - although it is indeed an infrared / black and white imagery - because of its coverage.

Reading someone’s diary makes me check it out - so, the area in question is here.

I have tried to edit this area using different editors. Both iD and Potlatch lets me “see” hi-res Bing around that area but unfortunately JOSM appears to be stuck with outdated ones. I tried deleting files in the directory, but still no change.

So here are some screen captures to illustrate what am I talking about:




It is annoying when I am not able to do things in my favourite editor :stuck_out_tongue: Should I… wait?

EDIT: Huh, resolved this problem. Fresh copy of JOSM.