Binary numbers on OSM logo could be changed to have a real meaning

The current numbers reflecting on the magnifying glass of the logo means nothing:

  • 01011001 hex 59 decimal 89: Y
  • 00110101 hex 35 decimal 53: 5
  • 10010011 hex 93 decimal 147: not a character

I propose to change them to have a meaning, like the binary representation of the letters OSM:

  • 01001111 4f 79: O
  • 01010011 53 83: S
  • 01001101 4d 77: M

In this way, we can update the OSM file, created in an old Inkscape version with some issues (90 dpi instead of 96), and also remove the unnecessary elements that cause issues when sending to print.

This is the content of the SVG file:

Conclusion, modify the OSM logo:

  • Change binary.
  • Update to 96 DPI.
  • Remove unnecessary elements.


I created a GitHub project showing all steps to update the logo. It includes the differences made between the first and 5th files. The 6th one was created from scratch, copying the elements from the 5th file.

What do you think? Should I propose to replace the logo in the Wiki with this one?


As much as I appreciate the nerd trivia aspect of making the binary mean something, the various small cleanup steps are likely the more useful part of this proposed upgrade. I’d be happy to see this version replace the existing logo. :+1:


Yes, but I’d replace the doubly reflected text behind the updated one too before distribution.

Or if it symbolizes something I didn’t get please explain.

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The main number on the logo looks like 1A, which is 32 + 10 which is 42. Enough said. A very significant number.