Bilingualism in Slovenia

Dear Slovenian OSM editors,

I was checking the OSM in Slovenia and I realized that the
Municipality of Ankaran,
Municipality of Izola,
Urban municipality of *Koper *and
Municipality of Piran
have bilingual names in the name tag.

I checked the languages of Slovenia in the corresponding WikiPedia article [1], and here the Italian language is co-official beside Slovenian.

Although there are 5 other muncipalities where Hungarian is co-official besides the official Slovenian language.
(Municipality of Dobrovnik, Municipality of Hodoš, Municipality of Lendava, Municipality of Moravske Toplice and Municipality of Šalovci)
I sadly saw that here everything is one-languaged.

So I would like to kindly ask you if it would be possible to add the Hungarian names to the name tag in the 5 muncipalities mentioned above?
(The best option would be if you did it because it’s your country, so you have the right to edit the names of your settlements.)

Lendava used to have a name Lendava/Lendva for kind a long time but maybe a year age someone changed it back to only Lendava.

I look forward to hearing from you. Hoping we can make an agreement on this topic.

Best wishes,

You seem to have fixed the bilingual names in Prekmurje, which we are grateful for.

You can also browse the map entirely with Hungarian names at:

Further discussion about mapping in bilingual areas is taking place in:

You are welcome. But to be honest, the pleasure is ours, we would like to thank you for allowing this.

I hope you don’t mind if I use this topic as the other topic what you linked is in Slovenian and I don’t speak Slovenian at all.

Also could you please specify a few things with bilingulism in your country?
From the features below what can be bilingual?

  • street names
  • landuse (national parks, cemeteries… etc.)
  • POIs

And where it’s possible, is the method the same? Using the “/” sign?

Also one more issue with rivers/streams. A few streams name is gramatically incorrect on the street signs. By gramatically I mean the Hungarian name giving methods. As far as I can see in Slovenia you just put “potok” after the stream name, e.g.:Kobiljski potok. The Hungarian version on the street sign is “Kebelei patak”. But in Hungary that is incorrect because you need to connect these word with a “-”, so it should be “Kebelei-patak”. What do you suggest? We should use what is on the street sign, or should we use the gramatically correct geographic name?


@Bandi_ , if looking for examples of how bilingual places are mapped, you could find quite some inspiration in Brussels: it is a big city, bilingualism is very strictly imposed because it is a politically sensitive matter, and the languages Dutch and French are quite different by nature. Though perhaps not so much different as Hungarian and Slovenian :slight_smile:

You can add Hungarian names:

  • to separate name:hu (and variants, such as old_name:hu, short_name:hu, official_name:hu, alt_name:hu…) tags all over the world as described in OSM wiki.

  • as a second name to main name tag in Slovene / Hungarian bilingual region in Slovenia. Make sure both names are also present in separate name:sl and name:hu tags. As described in OSM wiki.

  • to main name tags within Hungary (obviously :D), but do reciprocally allow also other minority / co-official languages coexisting in the same name tag where applicable. Please see this Wikipedia article, as I have not seen any in OSM wiki yet.

We generally try to avoid putting POI type (eg potok, vrh) into the name tag unless it is really necessary (eg to distinguish from the nearby village with the same name, or it is integral part of the name)

I am no expert in Hungarian language to judge this specific case, but try to use the names as on the signs. If the signs are really wrong (put up by Slovene beaurocrats) and you do decide to fix that, please make sure to also add the “wrong” name in some other *_name:hu tag (eg alt_name:hu, official_name:hu…), so that searching for that would still lead to correct result.

Thank you for your detailed post!


Can you revert this changeset?

Someone deleted all the name tags near Hodos :frowning:

I have asked the user at
about the reasons for removing the bilingual name tags.

Reverting the changeset will not be possible to do automatically as the name tag was added back at least in few cases, so there would be some conflicts to resolve manually.

After carefully reviewing the changeset 83319071 with Achavi I have decided to revert it before there are more conflicts.

The revert was done in changeset 84472451 (Achavi diff) using the JOSM reverter plugin.