Biker security

I am a biker and I use applications such as “maps me” or “openstreetmap” or “waze”, to find my routes, but it has happened to me that these applications direct me through areas that are dangerous, in order to direct bikers and other users on a safer path, there are Some way to be able to mark those danger zones to be able to avoid them, I have contacts in the police of my country, with whom I can obtain information about those routes or zones.

Soy un biker y utilizo aplicaciones como “maps me” o “openstreetmap” o “waze”, para buscar mis rutas, pero me ha pasado que estas aplicaciones me dirigen por zonas que son peligrosas, con el fin de dirigir al los bikers y otros usuarios por un camino mas seguro, hay alguna manera de poder marcar esas zonas de peligro para poder evitarlas, yo tengo contactos en lo policia de mi pais, con quienes puedo obtener informacion de esas rutas o zonas.

Klin10, there have been discussions about safety roads or unsafe ways before. Please read them over. The term dangerous is too interpretable by many rules or people just to be a well-deserved qualifying system.

Check out BRouter (bike router). There’s a web interface where you can evaluate its judgement on some routes familiar to you: It integrates well with Locus Map Pro, which is an OSM-based app for Android that’s aimed at the outdoor recreation crowd.

In bike mode, it seems to do the logical thing, and routes you down residential streets and bike paths, rather than motorways and the like.

I think he is not looking for roadsafety, but safety from people. And that is notoriously hard to map. In fact, it could just be the residential areas that are more prone to muggings and intimidations.

Thankyou, I´ll check it