Bike gps Mio Cyclo350HC

I have some questions about the use of my Mio Cyclo 305HC.
It uses OpenStreetMaps for bike route guiding but I think it more a gadget then a decent navigator.
When I select “racebike” and unselect “unpaved roads” in the settings menu it still sends me very often over unpaved roads. Why?

Also making use of the fantastic paved (almost complete flat) tarmac next to some well know canals near Antwerp) is almost impossible.
When using the navigate function, the GPS unit makes me turn away from those roads (which are biker friendly, much shorter, beautifully paved and almost no cars allowed there) and send me to roads with small bike-paths next to speeding cars. Why?

What can users like me do about this?
Are there any possible solutions for an issue like this?

Kind regards


Welcome to the forum

Mio uses OSM data but the intelligence how Mio interprets this data for routing is not publicly available. You wil have to ask Mio (or maybe a Mio forum?)
It could also be that the OSM data in the Mio is old. OSM changes quite fast. If the data in OSM is OK then I guess there is a bug in the MIO and/or the device uses old data. Maybe there is a way to update maps in the Mio?

To check current data in OSM regarding cyclist you could use this tool (based in the situation in the Netherlands) . It also has a tab for surface tags. You can even make your changes in OSM from this tool using JOSM or Potlatch.

Cheers PeeWee