bike and running gps logs by Strava

The US located company Strava published a new error website that shows OSM errors around the world including Israel.
The clue about it, is the availability of GPS logs from the Strava bike and running devices.
This way you can see the very accurate gps ways of the members, that indicate a public way for running or biking.

Here are some examples of good places to start mapping and adding more ways to OSM:


You can of course also just mark the problematic places and somebody else will take care of it :slight_smile:


Thank you Mr_Israel for this wonderful resource!

It’s a bit non-intuitive though; it has some error markers all over the world (mostly in Europe) but none in Israel, so this feature is useless.

What is definitely useful is the “cloud” of dots around places where people reporting to Strava have been. Some of these are certainly very good places to visit and map!

“Edit this view in ID” has a neat feature: “Slide the geometry to Strava heatmap” once a line is selected. It re-aligns the line to the GPS traces, thus improving its accuracy.

Thank you zstadler too!
Just to make it easier to find (took me a while to figure out how to use that “Slide” feature), here is an example link:
This link uses a special version of the ID online editor (I have never used this editor at all, certainly haven’t seen this special version) with the “Slide” feature added.
To use, clink on the way in the center (or any other way), then click on “Slide geometry to Strava heatmap”.

What a wonderful tool!
Thank you all

Great that you like it.

I think this will improve the ways in the woods a lot.
Hope there will be running and biking more people in Israel to help us :slight_smile:

@anatoly77g thank for the explanation where to find the slider. I was reading about it, but couldn’t find it within the 5 min I checked the id editor.

Since I map primarily tracks and paths (cities bore me) the slide add-on is a true game changer for me.
I went on a mapping splurge yesterday adding multiple bicycle paths to the DB.

This definitely shows the value of good GPS tracks
I wish we’d had similar technology for hiking and off-roading (4wd) trails, not only for bicycling.

I also found that “sliding” may sometimes be too “eager” and turn “Y’” shape forks into right-angle “-|” junctions. I suggest everyone ho uses “slide” to double-check the results, especially aroung GPS and/or map junctions.

Care should also be taken where the bicycle GPS track are adjacent, but different than the mapped trail/road.


You can use the running heatmap for hiking trails, though admittedly it’s much less dense than the cycling one in Israel.