Bicycles on Interstates


Yesterday my Wahoo bicycle GPS tried to direct me onto Interstate 5 for part of my ride. I’ve gathered that it is technically legal for a bike to go on the Interstate, but I’m guessing almost nobody wants that. Would it make sense to change the Bicycle tag on interstates from “yes” to “discouraged”?

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If it is legal you should not do this!
It is part of the router design. Usually they should raise the penalty for interstates, and avoid them. So in that case you should contact Wahoo and they need to adapt their algorithms, instead of changing OSM.

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Was following a discussion where turn restrictions were added unsupported by any signing or road marking. Some seem to put the cap of some safety organization on or play cop with an attitude, so the reply was to add the implicit=yes tag as in: Yes it’s not by law but it’s not safe given the geometry/conditions.

I’ve been guided onto a superstrada one time, totally legal, cars blowing by at 110+, me peddling on the shoulder, so at the first fuel station scaled the fence and continued on the parallel farming track, grade 3 so it was doable in summer.

Some talk in OSM tags for routing/Access restrictions - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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