Bicycle route tagging

Hi all,

The other day I noticed the way cycle routes are tagged in Switzerland. There, the usage of the name tag differs from the general usage of name tags within OSM. IMHO, we should not deviate from established tagging practices without a really good reason.

Therefore, I took the liberty to modify and to change the name tag to be in line with the way it is used elsewhere in OSM and also

I also noticed that some relations have quite elaborate and long names. To reduce these to be just the names I have added the description and description:xx tags. There, the start and end points and possibly other information for the data user can be noted.

I know there are arguments for the tagging the way it is now. The name tag gets displayed in JOSM and it is not rendered on any map anyway. But, we don’t want to tag for editors and the map renderings might change and who knows who is rendering maps with and what styles anyway.

I propose to change the tagging according to the current version of the wiki page. Unless there are strong objections I will start with that in a week or so.

I have started a thread with the same subject on the talk-ch mailing list. I prefer to have the discussion there because I normally don’t use the Forum. Anyway, I will monitor this thread here.

Happy mapping,