Bicycle roads and routing in Valhalla, Graphhopper

I notice that Valhalla and Graphhopper seem to treat bicycle roads as fine to route through for cars, see e.g. here: Linienstraße. OSRM, though, will route correctly.

In the example, it seems that Valhalla and Graphhopper both ignore at least three tags when routing for cars: bicycle=designated, bicycle_road=yes and vehicle=destination.

What can be done?

report that vehicle=destination is ignored for car routing on their issue tracker? Iff it is not yet reported and this tag is ignored. Note that vehicle=destination blocks only transit traffic.

You can also contribute code fixing the issue.

bicycle=designated does not mean that cars cannot go there, in the same as bicycle=designated on highway=path does not mean that pedestrian traffic is blocked.


I think, t is only the vehicle=destinateion that is being ignored.

In general, “Fahradstraßen” (bicycle roads) are allowed for other vehicles than bicycles as well.

I think they may be assuming that vehicle=destination is permitted if the endpoint is close enough, even if not precisely on the said road.

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The restrictions for motorcars etc. are country-dependant:

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