Best way to share private trail maps with guests

We have property that guests stay on via AirBnB. We have several trails on the property that I am in the process of walking and creating gpx files from. I’m not yet ready to put these trails on OpenStreetMap as this is private property and I’m not convinced that I want to encourage non-guests coming onto the property and walking our trails. I don’t believe that there is a way to put private traces on OpenStreetMaps.

I would like an easy way to be able to share these trails with a guest so that they could easily load them onto an app on their phone and walk the trails without getting lost. Could you suggest a good/simple way to go about that? It would be great if there was an easy way to do it with an app that people already have on their phones, such as Google Maps. My experience with loading saved routes in Google Maps, however, is that they drop off when I lose my cell data service, which does happen on the trails. Maybe there is something that I’m doing wrong with that.

We do have a website so maybe it would work to refer guests to a link that would allow them to easily load the trail maps. I’m just not sure what to link to.

I would very much appreciate any advice and direction that you can provide on this task. Thanks.


There are apps using OSM data which can load gpx files. They offer offline navigation by foot or bike along a path from a gpx file.

OSMand for example for more see #track-making features

Adding this paths on OSM is also possible using additionally the tag access=private.

Perhaps uMap might be an option? See for the wiki page and for the French-hosted website (in English; other languages are available).