Best Practices for uploading new data

As a land surveyor, I create high quality data every day which I could make available. Likely the most valuable would be new roads as I have the data long before the road is built. It normally resides in georeferenced DWG files but can be exported to KML, SHP, whatever… Any help pointing my in the right direction for guidance would be appreciated.

That’s a great idea! First be sure there are no licence problems with uploading the data to OSM - such as client agreements that prohibit sharing.

This data can be uploaded as highway=proposed , proposed=*. Since it is obtained by methods generally much more accurate than consumer GPS or aerial photos, it would be useful to mark the accuracy level so that when names and highway types are added later, people know that the geometry shouldn’t be tweaked. I couldn’t find any common tags about accuracy, DOP or whatever - I might just not know the surveying tag to search for on the Wiki.

Hola Colegas,

Me pueden ayudar con una duda que tengo? ya hace un mes que subí unos traps o rutas registradas con mi GPS de unos lugares donde he viajado y los camino o rutas que use para llegar a estos lugares no están agregados en openstreetmap, mi duda es cuanto tiempo se demora en que estas rutas que subi sean cargadas al mapa y asi actualizar el mismo?