Best (and economic) source to get postal code with geolocation data in Sweden

Hello everyone!

I’m implementing OpenStreetMap to find the geolocation of addresses that customers input in their search. We have realized that Sweden’s postal code data is not very populated.

Many postal codes are not correctly identified with the OpenStreetMap data, and we want to avoid the high costs of querying Google Maps all the time.

I’m wondering if you have faced this challenge in the past and what is your best recommendation to obtain postal code with geolocation data? I don’t know if there’s a general known open source that contains this information.

I appreciate your comments!

No, these data are closed and paywalled data in Sweden (currently). :frowning:

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Hi Wulfmorn!

Thanks for the input. Is there a specific provider for this paid data?
I would like to look more into it and compare cost with Google Maps API.

Thanks a lot!

It looks like Geposit AB sell this information, and want 16700 kr (about €1500) for a one-off download.

(I know nothing more than this; I just got curious and poked around a bit. Maybe there are other sources, this is just the first one I found.)

(Edit: at least be consistent about whether businesses are singular or plural…)

Hi, I’m also curious, and stumbled upon another option.

From Postnummerservice you can get a shape file with the geographic area of all swedish postalcodes. Note that this only includes postal codes that are linked to a geographic area, but that seems to cover most of the described use case. Sligthly less expensive too, at 6000 SEK, ~ 520 EUR.

Swedish postal codes are revised annually, around March. Normally mostly minor adjustments though, so you can perhaps get away with using that file a few years, if you’re not too particular. At least if the license terms allows it, haven’t checked.

The last few years, there has been a push to require public service authorities, like PTS, provide their data as open data. Management of the postal code system has been delegated by the PTS to Postnord AB. So it is not clear to me if geodata related to postal codes and addresses will be made public under an open license compatible with OSM.

Another option is Here (former Navteq, Nokia Maps) - 30.000 geocode queries per month for free:

It looks like OpenCage has post code data for Sweden. You do not get the post code’s bbox but a central location within that post code (from what I can tell).

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with them, I just like their work and social media presence.