Best (and economic) source to get postal code with geolocation data in Finland

Hello everyone!

I’m implementing OpenStreetMap to find the geolocation of addresses that customers input in their search. We have realized that Finland’s postal code data is not very populated.

Many postal codes are not correctly identified with the OpenStreetMap data, and we want to avoid the high costs of querying Google Maps all the time.

I’m wondering if you have faced this challenge in the past and what is your best recommendation to obtain postal code with geolocation data? I don’t know if there’s a general known open source that contains this information.

I appreciate your comments!

Here is a web page in Finnish (perhaps Google Translate could help you), which seems to contain postal code areas as MultiPolygons:

I haven’t tested it though.

Have you checked what Pelias can offer? If you’re only focusing on Finland you might also want to check out our Digitransit Geocoding service - that uses Pelias.

Markku Huotari, Helsinki Regional Transport -authority