Beijing Bus Stops [西四环北路]

Just Joined trying to get more help on navigating Beijing Bus system

I am not good in Simplified Chinese/PinYin, getting names right not so easy for me to use various map such BJBus/ Ditou etc that they seem requiring high accuracy in SC Bus Stop names.
Google Maps was easy to use for me now in Canada; when zooming in to a certain level, with Here/Now You See or Not, I can figure out some run-about-way to get the bus stop names etc to go on to other Chinese TripPlanning Apps.

I was trying the Open Street Map for Beijing, inquiring Bus Stops at the below location

[Bus Stop 四季青桥南]

Querying the Bus Stop will get me the features, but some erroneous
Bus Stop 四季青桥南 [Wrong! it is 营慧寺]
Bridge #42398972
Tertiary Road 西四环北路
Meadow #331183656
Footpath #481819423
Relation Bus 982: 北京西站南广场 => 土井村西口
Relation Bus 运通114: 吴庄 => 史各庄
[Google give 6 bus route #, also mentioning another 17]

In addition, when shifting the map further south to be near subway #1, I could not find any bus stops along the way.[West Ring Road #4 西四环北路]?

Is this still Work-in-Progress Project?

There is one busline that includes that stop although there are more lines running the road next to it (which does not necessarily mean they wtop there) and the one line with the stop only has stops and platforms in the relation. Other lines are incomplete although some effort has been made to make proper relations and master relations but most bus relations I see have been last edited 5 years ago or more.

I would say that this is not even work in progress. A good start has been made but then it was abandoned.