Beginner with some questions

I know, that maybe there would be a solution for my probs that is called google, but i dont want to google for hours while u can give me the answers in some minutes.

I have an etrx 30, can i use osm maps by just putting the data on the external chip?

And on the side from lambertus, if i download the maps, can i only zoom as much in as i can do it online, or can i zoom more in on my gps later?


you download a gmapsupp.img and copy it to folder GARMIN on your SD card. Eventually you have to de-activate
other maps to see the OSM map.

Concerning zooming: yes, your Garmin lets you zoom in more than the online maps.

Und ich dachte ich muss hier auf Englisch schreiben… Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort, da ich noch keine anderen Karten habe, außer der vorinstallierte, die aber grottig ist, fällt es mir nicht schwer diese zu löschen.

Vielen Dank nochmal, T5Boss

Yes, this is an international forum. Please continue writing in English. Thanks!

No, you don’t need to delete the pre-installed maps. You can de-activate them in the map-menu.
You can write german in the german sub-forum. :wink: