[Beginner qustion] Garmin Forerunner 305 or I-Blue 747 GPS

I thinking about buying a gps logger but I don’t know if I should buy the forerunner or just the iblue 747.

I am running but not on a regular base.

For which one should I go for ?

Or is there another device which would be even better for beginner like me ?

Thanks in advance

Getting visual feedback using a display might be important, especially if you are taking photos. That’s the reason why I bought the holux m241, you can get it on ebay for $65+$14 in shipping. In my experience as long as you are going for the cheap versions the differences aren’t that great. If you buy the more expensive models you will be getting better signal, but qualitywise my sub $60 receivers have all worked fine.

People are using iBlues, Forerunners and m241 on Openstreetmap, and I haven’t heard any complaint about them… If you are only going to log I don’t think it matters what you buy…