Beginner and how to find errors

I am a beginner in this project. I added some new points (buildings, attractions) to the map. Some were rendered, some were not. It is clear to me, that there will be some error, but I do not know what and how to find and correct the error. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much.

You can always look up something in the Wiki. There are a couple of tools to find errors aswell but they might too much for now. Maybe it’s just some minor mistag/typo. The wiki might help you with that.

One thing to note though that not everything will be rendered on the standard map. Doesn’t mean that it’s for naught, other maps might render it still!

If you put a link to the object that you think should be rendered or are unsure about, someone might be able to point to the exact issue or reassure that everything is in order.

Try to use key combination ‘Ctrl+F5’ to clear cache in your browser. It could help you with rendering problems.