Batch adding street junctions

Hi all,

My city has many streets already on OSM, but for most points where streets intersect there is no junctions added. There are hundreds of cases like this and they are detected as errors both by as well as by ‘validator’ plugin (without a possibility to fix them automatically).

Is there a way to batch add junctions for many street intersections in one operation?



Such an automatic batch doesn’t make much sense because it can’t know if there really
is a junction or maybe it’s a bridge missing.


However it would seem to be useful as a semi-automated process. I doubt there is such a process though.

Yes, that was my idea (hope) that a semi-automated solution would exist. And I think it would actually make sense for many locations outside europe. My town is a south american capital with hundreds of straight streets (most with right angle) and only few bridges. Someone has done a very good job of putting these streets properly on osm but didn’t take the trouble to make connections. I would love to be able to select entire large areas, ‘un-check’ those few bridges etc. where the streets actually don’t intersect, and make the connections automatically for the rest.

That would spare weeks of tedious clicking. And it is likely that similar situation is in many metropolis that don’t have many sophisticated leveled streets and bridges (the way west-northern large cities do).

Is there a wishlist to suggest this? Thanks