Basic Question


Because of knowledge and language limitations im trying to ask few question that might be already been posted here on forum or already there on google search to find, but as i said because of knowledge and language limitations i seem cannot find the right keyword to search, it way off than what i want, im stuck now for few week.

The question maybe not straight but with example(i dont know how to explain it to you, seriously!) :

  1. Open the map(openstreetmap) then draw a line on the map, that it!. how do you get that “LINE” black line coodinate? and can you give me links to related post or website that teach this basic.

  2. Im trying to export map from osm but it too large to export, i dont need the land data like road, building, etc. only the ocean boundary(the purple? line on selected area on image below) and the whole image, the selected area itself. how to download it?

  3. Trying to download the .shp map file that already on osm but the file size is too large like XX.GB. When i try use that file for coding, it eat to much ram and slow. So i want to reduce that file size but deleting unnecessary data like road, building, etc data. how?

well thank, hopefully there many kind soul answered my question.

Can you explain a bit more about what your end goal actually is?

sorry for the late reply, and thank you for your reply. i already got the answer for my question. this question now closed.:slight_smile: