Basic Kosmos help

Does anyone know where there is some basic information on Kosmos other than the Wiki which seems out of date and aimed at people that already know how to use it? I’m completely stumped as to how to start!

I also get this error when I try and download OSM data, but I could be doing it completely wrong!


Something to do with the new API last month I think. Maybe there is a new version of Kosmos on the way?

If you are using the latest version of Kosmos (2.5.something) then it should be OK with the 0.6 API, but it reads data from the hypercube XAPI server which has been down for a while:


Thanks. So does that mean that Kosmos is effectively out of action at the moment?

No. You can download an area in JOSM, then save as an OSM file, then load it into Kosmos.
Works fine (though you limited by how big an area you can download at once).

ok, thanks, I’ll try that.

Is there any documentation other than the wiki?