BaseCamp and OSM Generic Routable

I have Great Britain as an OSM Generic Routable map that I use in BaseCamp. I am holidaying in Greece shortly and have requested the required portion from so that I might view it and add some waypoints before I go. I understand that Family IDs are different for different areas since April. Does that mean I can add the portion of Greece download without removing the existing GB map? If so, what are the steps I should take in my respective folders?

Only entire countries use different id’s currently, so if you want multiple countries at the same time in Basecamp or on the GPS then you should select and download complete countries without enabling or using custom tile selection.

There is one exception: all country id’s differ from the id that is used for all custom maps. So you can have one or more countries AND exactly one custom map in Basecamp at the same time.

The above is valid without manual changes to the map id’s. It’s possible to use an external tool like JaVaWa’s GMTK to change map id’s which would allow you to install more then one custom map at the same time.

I thank you for your reply and clarification, which I understand.
The osm_generic_windows.exe file for my GB map is located at C:\Users\Bob\Downloads\Garmin\BaseCamp\OSM Generic Routable and the map content files are in C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable. The Greece extract is also named osm_generic_windows.exe. What is the procedure in this case? I do not know if I place this executable file elsewhere or whether it should be renamed to be put in the same location as the GB executable file. Do the Greece extract files find themselves in the same C:\Users\Bob\Downloads\Garmin\BaseCamp\OSM Generic Routable location or should they be placed elsewhere? I apologise for my obvious ignorance in this case.

Judging by the directory names it seems that you’re using old maps (from before the change where each country got their own id) or that you’ve installed custom maps. A proper up-to-date country map should be installed with a directory name like “OSM generic routable(Burundi_08-04-2014)”. The installer should automatically create a specific subdirectory in the Basecamp map directory for each country.

I thank you for making it clear.

I’m not getting a difference… I’ve just downloaded the old and new style Samoa, and downloaded China last year. Both just have generic names both the directory, and in Mapsource/Basecamp.
Directory of C:\Garmin\Maps

24/05/15 12:20 .
24/05/15 12:20 …
04/09/14 22:10 OSM generic routable (new style)
24/05/15 12:20 OSM generic routable new()
23/05/15 01:59 OSM generic routable()

The names in Basecamp are similar, but have the date. How can I get the Country name to appear in the installed map list?
It is possible that in the China map, I added a few extra tiles, but I certainly didn’t in Samoa…