Barrier=sump_buster or not for horse and carriage entrance?

Small entrance, track, with lower pole to avoid cars entrance but access for horse and carriage.

Is this a simple barrier=sump_buster? Or does it have a other value?

And now they placed there a new one.

Taginfo value search on horse of carriage did not give a solution.

Other one:

That looks like a similar idea to something that’s known as a “Kent Carriage Gap” in the UK. Though the latter would normally have two small bollards rather than just one. See and .

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Such a idea, worldwide use, should we call them “Kent”?
General, carriage_gap?

Looking further I found some websites.
The above concrete one, maxwidth to pass 2.25 m in the middle 18 cm.

They call it carterkiller, is that the same as “sump_buster” could we use that. Or a new tag without “Kent”

developer website
For now I have set:


For me this is correct.

Maybe the wiki sump_buster, should mention this for carriage_gap.

carterkiller search:

This looks the same in working,
wiki image

On website, although agricultural warning is mentioned as a example for carterkiller.