barrier on entrance to forest tracks

Looking at the barriers on the map features wiki, there doesn’t seem to be anything applicable to the barriers that are very common in my local area.

There are many tracks through the forest. Where they meet roads there is a barrier to stop cars passing. They consist of just two thick vertical support posts and a thick cross beam. They span the width of the track except for a gap wide enough for people on foot or bike. They are locked closed with a padlock. Sometimes forestry vehicles comes through to use the tracks. Often they are accompanied by a sign indicating that access is restricted to forestry but bikes are explicitly allowed.

Maybe gate is applicable but the gate picture on the wiki looks like the traditional gate you get on a farm which you just open and go through.


I use barrier=gate for that. The picture on the wiki looks traditional but the descriptions is a bit more wide.

I use barrier=gate with foot=yes and/or bicycle=yes where appropriate.

Yep, me too - barrier=gate with the appropriate access tags.