Barefoot required


There are facilities in Thailand and many countries in Asia that requires shoes to be removed before entering the premises. I’m wondering if this should be tagged?

Here are some existing tags that can be used

Any thoughts?

I realize this might sound odd at first, but one recommendation for you to look at now, as I do believe there are “overlaps regarding sensitivities to recognize” is Key:nudism - OpenStreetMap Wiki .

Such values for the key of customary, permissive, and so on might align well with what you’re asking.

We have beaches here (in California) where what you do or don’t wear is tolerated, allowed, frowned upon, embraced radically and in large numbers, will get you written a citation by the police, and many other things. Including right down to details of what parts of skin might show and not. So, it’s not all that unusual for such tags to exist.

BTW, I have never been to Thailand (I would love to visit, the food might be the best on Earth!) but I find it absolutely wonderful that there are “barefoot required” areas. Makes me smile. I saw a video of a friend visiting a holy place in India where this was a requirement (along with a certain head covering for men) and there was a place with gently running water to rinse one’s required-to-be-bare feet before entering certain areas.

OSM: what a wonderful project!