Bachelorthesis about OpenStreetMap

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen’s,

for my bachelorthesis I got the subject “Including data into OpenStreetMap and extracting the data into an QGIS-Project”. For my data I choose to collect all parking ticket machines in Hanau, Germany. Now its time to edit my gpx-file into OpenStreetMap but I’m not really sure how to do it the most convenient and exact way possible.
Later I have to work with “Overpass turbo” to extract the data to load it into my QGIS-Project.
I’m really not sure if I’m on the right path here since I’m new to OSM. I could really need some help.

Best Regards
Leon Bellina

Dear Leon,
if you have collected data by yourself and want to add them in OSM, you should be sure they do not conflict with existing data already present in OSM. For doing this I suggest you to install and start using JOSM (
Regarding QGIS, you can use the QuickOSM plugin, that uses Overpass API:
Should you have any doubts, just ask,

I recommend heading to users:Germany sub-forum. Much more people read it.

Thank you so much guys!