Avoid notification mails sent by web@noreply.openstreetmap.org


Thanks to GPS Logger, the data concerning my present GPS position can be transferred directly into OSM so that my relative can see where I am (for example when hinking alone etc). But there is a problem : OSM also send unwanted notification of this data transfer by sending a mail. Thus, if the data transfer is programmed on every 10 min, a notification mail is also sent every 10 min !

Is there a way to avoid thoses notification mails sent by “web@noreply.openstreetmap.org” ?

I searched everywhere in parameters but I could not find a way to avoid this.

Thanks for your help

Personal position is not quite the data you want in OSM.

The GPS Traces functionality (I presume this is it - please post example e-mail) is supposed to be used as a supplementary source for mapping roads where aerial imagery is not enough either due to non-existence or misalignment.


The GPS Traces functionality is for mapping, not for personal tracking. If you “feed back this problem” I’m pretty sure the result will be at least a request to stop doing what you’re doing, and possibly a block on the app.

Please find another app that does what you need.

For that use case a GPS watch or your phone might have a better solution than uploading them to OSM

Here is the mail :

De : OpenStreetMap web@noreply.openstreetmap.org
Envoyé : 18 novembre 2023 18:49:25 GMT+01:00
À : xxxx@gmail.com

Objet : Import GPX réussi

Bonjour xxxx

Il semble que votre fichier GPX « 20231118.gpx » avec la description « xxxx » et les balises « xxx » s’est chargé correctement avec 38 des 38 points possibles.

GPS watchers aren’t very open-sources usually. I tried to assemble GPS logger+OSM in order to use only open-sources applications

I understand this is not the usual way to use the tracks transfered to OSM, but nevertheless it does not resolve the problem to receive unwanted emails when transfering a track. => Is there a way to suggest an improvement on this ? How can I feed back this problem of unwanted mails ?

Thanks in advance