Avoid Mistakes

Hi Guys,

This is something very Important to all my Mapping friends, When you edit in Potlatch use maximum zoom to make roads and buildings, because half of the time is spent in clearing all unwanted data and correcting the errors made by fellow mappers,

I hereby request you to avoid making mistakes:
a) use proper tags.
b) edit in maximum zoom- 18z or 19z gives you more accurate info.
c) read the Map features- http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Features

We get very less time in creating something new on the contrary we spend maximum time in correcting data.
eg:- http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=26.44372&lon=74.70077&zoom=17

Keep Mapping Guys…!!! avoid mistakes and aim for a completely Mapped India.

True. Badly drawn maps will spoil OSM’s reputation. We need more volunteers here.

(I spent most of the afternoon correcting the ‘Neral’ junction’s terribly drawn roads)

You should also add that every new Mapper read:

because this was a one day old mapper!!

Regarding the first post, what was wrong with the Ajmer Bypass road?

Yes i’ve mentioned about the tags, thanks for the link…:slight_smile:

In Ajmer Bypass road, he has tagged Woodland which i don’t see there.
High Voltage line, which doesn’t exist in Bing images.
Tags he used are incorrect.

Yes the Woodland problem is everywhere in India, One mapper has mapped everything what was looking green on landsat aerials as Landuse=wood. I delete this normaly. The same problem are also inacurate rivers, canals and drains.

The High Voltage Line is from me and is definitly right. If you look inside the Bing images, you will see the towers as well. Please dont delete Powerlines in North India. If you find a fault, give me an note and I will fix this. http://www.itoworld.com/map/4?lon=77.34318&lat=24.18677&zoom=6

The highways, at least in maharashra are terribly drawn. Think 90% may need to be redrawn.

“One mapper has mapped everything what was looking green on landsat aerials as Landuse=wood. I delete this normaly.”

If you can figure out what is there, and rename it to landuse=farmland or landuse=meadow, that would be better than deleting it.

Normaly is the landuse=wood tag totaly wrong, thats means there is nothing that can be renamed. The areas are so huge that they can cover citys like Mumbay or Delhi in it. Also you will find more then 1000 villages 10000 farms inside one area. Of cause, I rename it, if it makes sense. But mostly I draw a new ouline around the right small areas. This is much faster and more accurate.