Avoid GPX tracks


I tried a few apps but can’t seem to find an app wich has the option to avoid GPX tracks.

I use gpx tracks for spectating car rally’s. During these rally’s you can not cross the rally tracks, so I need to guide between the rally tracks to the points I want to see.


Anyone have an idea?

I am not aware that there is any OSMbased navigation app that has such a feature.

But try the online service http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenRouteService

via its newly released User Interface you can at least define polygons that are no-go areas for routing.

Does this come near your aim a little bit??

Outside android apps, a similar feature is called “custom avoidances” in Garmin Nuvi. Maybe the Garmin navigator for android have that feature too.

thank you guys,

unfortunately Garmin Navi is not compatible with my tablet. :expressionless:
The online service Stephan mentioned seems like a good option, however I need everything offline on my tablet.

maybee I could ask the guys at OSMAND to make such feature? Do they listen listen to people’s idea’s?


You can always try, of course they have their own agenda. If you don’t try they might never know about your needs.