Autopista Panamá-Colón

Todo la Autopista Panamá-Colón tiene cuota, verdad? Entonces todo la autopista debe tener la etiqueta “toll=yes”, porqué así se hace en otros países. Las secciones en amarillo ya lo tienen, y creo que necesito agregarlo a las secciones en rojo. Está bien si lo hago? OpenStreetMap Americana

Spanish is a foreign language to me too, and I never saw “tiene cuota” being used to say that one should pay toll to use a road. “peaje”.

anyway. I don’t drive in Panama, I can’t confirm your assumption.

the tag goes on the relation, or on all segments?

I saw “Cuota” on the signs on Google Street View. The tag “toll=yes” should go on all the segments to make them yellow on the Americana map, and it could also go on the relation.

I didn’t know Spanish was a foreign language to you. What is your first language?

Ideally, all the individual ways would be tagged toll=yes, since many toll roads place toll booths or ETC facilities some distance along the highway or only along one direction, making certain routes technically free.