autonomous navigation from osm data?

Hi All,

Struggling to find the best place to ask the question, but I wondered if anyone here has seen what I’m looking for.

I’ve seen navigation software based on OSM data, and looking at the travelling salesman example at the moment to see if it will do what I want.

But, to save me some coding time, has anyone seen navigation software which rather than displaying a route, will generate either a series of small steps (e.g. frequent X,Y positions to move to), or steer left/right to correct deviations from the route? I.e. would let some AI software control a vehicle.

Basically, I have some simulated vehicles, that I’d like to follow a road network. I used the rather nifty osm2world software to build a 3D model which looks great, and I have simulated vehicles which return their current x,y,z, speed, orientation, controlled by some AI giving me moveToXZ plans but nothing more indepth than that.

Any suggestions / thoughts most welcome!!


When you know already each Routing solution using OSM data, have a look at

But I don’t know whether that comes near your aims …

E.g. Gosmore (in commandline mode) will return all OSM nodes for the route it calculated. But because the OSM nodes aren’t evenly spaced you will need to do some interpolation between two nodes to simulate smooth driving.